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20 Items You Never Knew Could be RFID Tagged

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

2022 proved to be a massive year for RFID tagging! As a result, there’s no need for retail, warehouse and inventory management companies to experiment with RFID anymore. Instead, they’re confident in RFID technology’s benefits and are moving full throttle ahead! But don’t just take our word for it; here’s an infographic with 20 varied RFID-tagged items from The Tagging Team this year…

Not a fan of reading from an infographic? Here are the 20 RFID-tagged items in black and white!

1. Generators

All sizes, including trailered

2. Large plant machinery

-Excavators, dumpers, bulldozers

3. Electrical testing equipment

-multimeters, earth testers, cable detection scanners

4. General access equipment

-Scaffolding, ladders, elevator equipment

5. Irrigation tools

-Ie water pumps of all sizes

6. Agricultural tools

-Chainsaws, strimmers, mowers

7. Boat and boating equipment

-i.e. outboard motor

8. Measuring equipment

-Laser levels, distance measuring wheels

9. Rail inspection machinery

-4 wheel Railway Truck

10. Diamond cutting and drilling equipment

-Diamond concrete cutter, floor saws, track saws, core drills

11. Storage and logistics equipment

-Steel containers

12. Tools used in the construction industry

-Cement mixers, compacters, petrol saws

13. Excavator attachments

-Peckers, buckets, claws

14. Vehicles

-Fleet vans and cars, Lorries

15. Onsite and offsite lifting equipment

-lifting beam, overhead cranes, winches and jacks

16. Specialist transportation equipment

-Plastic containers, dollies, distribution cages

17. Handheld power tools

-Drills, breakers, impact gun

18. Site cabins

-Offices, canteens and toilets

19. Store stock items

-Consumables, for example, PPE, screws and blades

20. IT Infrastructure

-PDAs such as Laptops and mobiles

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