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Asset Tagging Process. Our Easy Implementation Plan

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Asset Tagging Process. Our Easy Implementation Plan

During the asset tagging process, how much are missed deadlines costing you? How many potential customers are put off by the asset tagging process? How many of your projects are delayed because people don’t know how to tag correctly? Can customers really self-tag and achieve the quality results your RFID system deserves? All these things may be costing you a great deal. Don’t let all your hard work fall short due to poor tagging from your customer or agency staff during the asset tagging process. We will RFID tag your customer’s assets so that you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines, delayed payments, or poor tagging skills causing faults in the system. If you’re worried about tagging standards and the effect that has on your customers, we can provide you with the stress-free help you need to nail the RFID asset tagging process. Easy Implementation Plan

  1. Estimate your customer’s asset totals

  2. Tell us across how many sites

  3. Provide tags and software

  4. We create a project plan

  5. We implement and complete to the agreed deadline

Our Agreement Plan

  1. Guaranteed Deadline

  2. Guaranteed Quality

We have helped busy RFID System Suppliers achieve the quality tagging of over 36 million assets. I have no doubt that our Easy Implementation Plan will help you too.

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