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Easy Changes You Can Make For A Stress-Free RFID Tagging Process

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Sometimes the RFID tagging process can be stressful and extremely time-consuming. The actual process of applying the tags can be the root cause for missed deadlines and delayed payments. This is usually due to tags being programmed incorrectly and that’s all it takes for the project to become your biggest workday stress.

It goes without saying that, if the tag application process were smoother you wouldn’t be experiencing all these headaches and you’d be smashing out projects left, right and centre. Am I right? If so, let’s do something to change that and make the RFID Tagging process a stress-free one!

If we breakdown the RFID tagging process into the 3 main areas, it looks like this:

1. Initial Set Up

You conduct a site survey to assess RFID suitability, choose the most suitable technology for the job based on the survey and then create a plan for the entire RFID tagging process.

2. Tag Implementation and Data Input

Often after a pilot, it’s full speed ahead with RFID implementation. You babysit the customer throughout the whole RFID tagging process. Provide RFID training including, how to apply the tags and input the necessary data correctly whilst giving them the technical understanding needed to perform this efficiently and successfully. Usually having to aid them in the Project Management of this stage as they try to fit the work in around their normal work schedule

3. Hardware Install and Go!

Hardware is installed and providing all tag implementation and data input was done correctly, your system is up and running with one extremely happy customer!

As discussed above, the headaches are coming from area 2. If you think about it logically, nowadays with outsourcing being so flipping easy, isn’t it almost silly to spend hours teaching your customer how to RFID tag efficiently and to standard? Especially when your customer hired you as the RFID experts and have more important things in their business to worry about than RFID tag implementation. AS DO YOU.

In a recent email survey, we conducted 98% of RFID customers didn’t want to take on the tagging implementation themselves. Their chosen ideal was for either the System Supplier to take on the tagging, or for it to be outsourced to a tagging specialist.

You’ll thank us later!

FACT ALERT! We’ve helped busy RFID System Suppliers achieve the quality tagging of over 36 million assets. If that’s not proven success, I don’t know what is!

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