This is How RFID Tagging in Libraries Works

To leave the RFID tagging planning until late in the process is an error made all too often. It is undoubtedly the most time consuming element of the whole project. Getting it right, from the start, is essential.

For detailed information on when you should do the tagging, how long it will take, what tags you should use and how can the RFID implementation process be completed while the library is open and the tagging can be done with minimal disruption and no loss of access to stock, please download the white paper.


  • Forward Planning

  • When should the tagging be done?

  • Different stock and what to do

  • AV Tagging Options

  • Libraries led the way

  • Quality Control

  • What happens during RFID tagging

  • Conclusions


  • Forward planning is essential

  • Tagging your stock as soon as practical makes for a better go live

  • Different stock types have different tagging options

  • Libraries led the way in using commercial tagging companies

  • Quality control needs planning and executing religiously

  • What actually happens during the tagging process will not disrupt an open library

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