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We RFID tag your assets so you don't have to.

We have helped busy RFID system Suppliers achieve the quality tagging of over 36 million assets.

Like you, we are frustrated by missed deadlines caused by poor tagging.
Don’t let all your hard work fall short due to poor tag placement, causing missed deadlines and delayed payment. If you’re worried about tagging standards, we can provide you with the expertise to nail your project.

Easy Implementation Plan

Estimate you customer’s asset totals

Tell us across how many sites

Provide tags and software

We create a project plan

We implement and complete to agreed deadline

Our Agreement Plan

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed deadline

Our Services


RFID Asset Tagging

At The Tagging Team, we specialise in RFID asset tagging services that provide real-time visibility and tracking of your inventory and assets. Our expert team uses cutting-edge RFID technology to tag and label your items, making it easy to locate and manage your assets at any time.


Asset Cataloguing

At The Tagging Team, we provide comprehensive asset cataloguing services that help you efficiently manage and track your assets. Our expert team uses industry-leading tools and technologies to catalogue your assets, including barcodes, RFID tags, and custom labelling solutions.


Asset Stock Takes

At The Tagging Team, we provide reliable and efficient asset stock take services that help businesses keep accurate track of their inventory and assets. Our experienced team uses a variety of tools and technologies, including RFID technology and barcode scanning, to quickly and accurately perform stock takes for all types of assets, including equipment, tools, furniture, and other items.

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